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Your domain name creates the starting point to your own address on the Internet. Choose from classic domain endings, such as .com and .net, or explore new domain endings, like .club and .guru. Use your imagination to choose a domain name that represents your brand and helps you stand out on the web!

Get the domain that will
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Get the domain that will
never go out of style.


Get the domain that will
never go out of style.


Get the domain that will
never go out of style.


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Consider other

Protect your brand by grabbing similar domainnames: .net, .org, or even .space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A domain name is a unique web address on the Internet, like Much like buying real estate in the physical world, when you register a domain name it becomes your property in the online world. No two domain names can be the same which means that if the domain name you want is already registered, you are unfortunately out of luck. Domain names can also have different domain extensions, or TLDs, attached to the end of it. For example, you may own, however may still be available.

Domain extensions are the letters that appear after your domain name. For instance, in, .com is the extension. There are several to choose from and they typically represent a word – com represents the word “commercial”, mobi is short for “mobile”, and so on.

Generic top level domains, or gTLDs, are the most well known of the domain extensions available on the Internet. They include familiar extensions such as .com, .net, .info, .org, etc.

A number of new gTLDs will be making their way to the Internet in the next few years. These new domain extensions give individuals and businesses more options to finding the domain name of their choice, and allow your website address to describe the type of business you are.

Some of these new gTLDs include .academy, .buzz, .club, .me, and many more.

Country code top level domains, or ccTLDs, are domain extensions (the letters that appear after your domain name) that are specific to a particular area or country. Some examples of ccTLDs include:

  • .ca (Canada)
  • .eu (European Union)
  • .de (Germany)
  • .uk (United Kingdom)
  • .hk (Hong Kong)